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The difference between Fomtorl and Kankyobanzai

Fomtorl: a liquid additive
  A specially developed product that decreases the amount of formaldehyde dispersed from paint coating, adhesives, and ink to standard levels (F☆☆☆☆) stipulated by the Building Standards Act.
Kankyobanzai S: a spray agent
  This product is used for reducing the emission level of formaldehyde and can be sprayed on the hydrophilic material surfaces of such things as furniture and curtains.

Target users

All products are for industrial use only. Unfortunately, products cannot be sold to the general public customers.

About Fomtorl

Fomtorl is basically a specially developed product. For users who have difficulty considering specially developed Formtol products, an entry model is suggested as a possible option.


We do not have any specified distributors.

Overseas handling of products

In general, the products are designed for use within Japan.

How to purchase from overseas

Please contact an agency such as a trading company located in Japan, and inquire through the agency.

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