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Breaks down harmful formaldehyde

Kankyobanzai(S) is a spray product (concentrate) that instantly absorbs, breaks down, and removes formaldehyde, the primary cause of "sick-house syndrome." It decomposes any formaldehyde present in building interiors with remarkable speed. Moreover, it continues to do so for remarkably long. A single spray applied directly to building materials and furniture that emit formaldehyde will continue to break down formaldehyde for over two years. Developed jointly with the Kanagawa Industrial Technology Center, Fomtorl has been tested and demonstrated to be effective by various public organizations.

Name: Kankyobanzai(S)
Constituents: Ethylene urea

  • Wood ceilings, walls, and floors
  • Recently applied wallpaper
  • Drawer interiors
  • Table undersides
  • Closet interiors
  • Shelf dowels
  • Veneer undersides (for example, shelf, drawer)
  • Curtains

* Coating exposed wood surfaces increases effectiveness.
* Apply carefully when using on light-colored,patterned surfaces or leather products.

A volume of 420 ml will cover an area of approx. 10 m2 (6 tatami mats).

In general, spraying for approx. 40 to 50 seconds over an area of just 3.3 m2 will effectively treat an overall area of 10 m2.

Application method

(1) Clean to remove dust or other adhering materials from room walls, ceilings, furniture, and building material surfaces. (2) Put Kankyobanzai(S) in a spray bottle. (3) Check the direction of the nozzle. (4) Spray starting from the top of the desired area, keeping a distance of approximately 20 cm and moving parallel to the surface.
* Avoid spraying onto clear glass. Open windows to ventilate and dry the room thoroughly. Avoid using the room for at least one hour after spraying.

Hazards posed by formaldehyde
Formaldehyde is a highly toxic, carcinogenic chemical. Airborne formaldehyde concentrations of 1 ppm can irritate eyes, while 2 ppm can induce nausea. Formaldehyde is especially hazardous for small children and the elderly. Areas in which formaldehyde is continually emitted must be renovated or removed from use.

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Reduces concentrations to the lower measurable limit in only an hour

Kankyobanzai(S) acts immediately. In tests performed at the Kanagawa Industrial Technology Center, airborne formaldehyde concentrations of 9.97 ppm decomposed to 0.24 ppm in 30 minutes. Levels fell to 0.11 ppm in another hour, with absorption and decomposition of the formaldehyde originally present.
Kankyobanzai(S) has received a rating of "F☆☆☆☆" in formaldehyde emissions ratings tests performed by the Japan Paint Manufacturers Association.

Water-based mist reduction test

Absorbs and breaks down formaldehyde


airborne concentration:
After   2 hours:Reduced to 0.40ppm
After   3 hours:Reduced to 0.15ppm
After 18 hours:Reduced to 0.06ppm

Residual ratio:0.20%

Procedure for test assessing formaldehyde reductions: A sample (dry paint on glass, area 100 cm2) is placed approximately at the center of a glass container (vacuum desiccator with capacity of 11 to 12 liters). The pressure inside the container is reduced and air containing formaldehyde introduced. Air is collected from inside the container after allowing it to stand for a specified duration, after which airborne concentrations are measured. Initial formaldehyde exposure conditions are 30.56 ppm at a temperature of 22°C and humidity of 50%.

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Track record

Kankyobanzai(S) provides a solution for sick-house syndrome across a wide range of residential and public buildings.
Kankyobanzai(S) has produced positive results at many well-known buildings and sites, including the Tsubaki Nursery (Kohoku-ku, Yokohama), Kandaiji Kindergarten (Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama), and Yagawaso Senior Citizens' Group (Kunitachi, Tokyo).

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